The Bachelor: Victoria Gets a Little too Crunk.

First off I want to start by saying I was totally wrong about Lucy! Well, I wasn’t wrong about the flower power part. I mean she was walking around naked everywhere.  But she’s not drama at all. She’s actually really freakin’ funny! Speaking of funny, I do have to say Chelsie can be funny too, but she still annoys the crap out of me.

Moving on, let’s talk about Clare and Juan Pablo’s date. Juan picked up Clare in a nice car (of course, so bachelor), and blind folded her. I wonder what she was thinking about while she was blind folded. Hmmmm. Anyway, they arrived at this winter wonderland! It was absolutely gorgeous. They sledded, had snow ball fights, and ice skated. I have to say though Clare seemed to be enjoying it a lot more than Juan Pablo. And apparently she’s already falling for him. Classic.


Rick Rowell/ABC

After that, they got into the hot tub (of course). From there I wasn’t paying too much attention to their conversation because Juan Pablo’s shirt was off and I was possibly drooling while watching…but I’m pretty sure she opened up to him about her Dad? Yeah, she did. I just rewinded. Then she just grabbed his face and kissed the crap out of him!

While they were in the hot tub they heard music from a far.  There was a surprise two person concert for them (or course), with Josh Krajcik? From the “X Factor?” But once again I didn’t seem to be paying attention because of Juan Pablo’s abs. They were dancing and being cute. Then Hollywood magic happened. Snow started falling from the sky…in LA. Oh this is why I love “The Bachelor!” Oh and then she got a rose and all that good stuff.

After that Kat went on her one on one date. She is just a doll! I never really noticed her the first episode. Anyway, they went on a private jet (once again, of course!) and ended up going to this rave/race thing. I’m not really sure what it was but it was awesome! There were mass amounts of people with crazy lights and everyone was dancing. Why didn’t Juan take me?! I volunteer as tribute!


Electric Run

Kat and Juan seemed to be having so much fun together. I thought they were adorable. Kat may suffer from white girl disorder a little bit when it comes to dancing. But, she was doin’ her thang so I’ll give it to her! Then Kat and Juan were brought on stage and Kat received her rose! Whoo go Kat!

So let’s talk about the group date. In true bachelor fashion, the girls had to do a photo shoot with the bachelor. Happens every season. I’m not complaining though because Juan’s shirt was off again.

What happened was some guy with a blue beard was telling the girls what to wear. Andi and Elise had to wear nothing but a sign in front of them. Well, they were both freaking out not only because they would have to be naked, but because of their jobs. Elise is a first grade teacher and Andi is an attorney. Little kids, criminals, and nakedness go together like Sour Patch Kids and Almond Milk. They just don’t! Oh and Kelly had to be dressed like a dog. Man that girl is funny, she’s getting really sassy too. Then Chelsie actually made some fuggin’ funny comments. Still not a fan though.

After their mini break downs Elise simply switched her costume with Lucy who was more than happy to be prancing around naked! Andi on the other hand just sucked it up and went through with it because Juan Pablo talked her into it. I personally think it might of had a little something to do with knowing Juan was going to be right next to her…naked. Just a thought though!

The women and Juan Pablo then went to the second part of their date. There Victoria went cray cray and got super plastered. Probably not the best idea when you’re meeting a man you want to marry? I mean girl was on a whole other level. She was talking about straddling people, giggin’ in the hot tub by herself, and leg humping. Safe to say girl was feelin’ herself! Nikki even told her to simmer down. But Victoria was already on the road to turnt up central so it didn’t happen. Instead she went to talk to Juan, but then just ran to the bathroom crying and acting a fool. Then, golden heart Renee stepped in to try and help her calm down. That didn’t happen! Instead she just got worse and wanted to go home.  None of the girls seemed to really have a problem with that. Especially not Kelly because she told Victoria she wanted to put a bark collar on her because she’s so loud. Man that Kelly is funny!


Being the gentleman that Juan Pablo is, he went to check on Victoria. However, she wouldn’t open up the door in the bathroom stall she was in. At the end of that date Kelly got the rose. Really? Kelly? Not who I was expecting.

The next morning Juan took a trip to Victoria’s hotel and sent her packing! Victoria, Juan already has a child. He doesn’t want to be taking care of another one and we don’t blame him!

At the rose ceremony Cassandra was freaking out a little about being away from her son which is completely understandable. When I say a little though I mean she was crying in the bathroom. Apparently it’s the trend to go into the bathroom when you cry! Once again, angel Renee went to check on her and helped her until Juan came in. Juan Pablo then convinced her to stay. Which wasn’t really difficult because all Cassandra had to do was look at him. I think he really, really likes Cassandra! They might be the perfect fit for each other considering they both have young kids. They look amazing together too!

In the end Amy and Chantel had to leave not only Juan Pablo, but that beautiful mansion as well. I was surprised he kept Christy. I would’ve much rather had Chantel stay. She was so cool. Like I just want to chill with her. I’m thinking Christy may be going home next week though. Or I’m personally hoping Chelsie! We shall see next week.


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